Semisub Inc. is a new technology commercial marine company that employs a patented ballasting system and custom-designed viewing windows that allows our vessel to operate as a luxury cruise boat and partially semi-submersible. Passengers experience the beautiful, breath-taking underwater world from a side perspective from comfortable viewing compartments located in the vessel’s catamaran hulls.

Our mission is to provide a world-class entertaining guest experience while educating participants on the vital importance our reefs and marine ecology play on our earth.

Our Story

Semisub Inc. was born through the vision of our founder and CEO, Mr. Curtiss E. Jackson. Mr. Jackson operated a 44-passenger semisubmersible on the island of Maui in Hawaii for numerous years. The customer demand for the experience was very high while the guests loved learning about our amazing underwater world.

Curtiss began to realize that there were significant drawbacks and barriers to the existing marine technology that limited the experience and long-term sustainability of the company. The vessel was slow because the underwater area limited the maximum speed it could travel at. The size of the vessel restricted the maximum capacity to only 44 people and did not allow for a real onboard high-end meal food service, or a nice comfortable experience for the guests while in transit from the harbor to the dive/tour locations.

As an engineer, he immediately began developing the schematics for a new vessel that would have the ability to ballast down and up, use jet drive technology that was safer for marine life and provide a faster transit time. In addition to the core changes, he designed the vessel so that it was luxurious with rich carpeting from Italy and seating and tables from Australia. He then added a full galley, multiple restrooms, and lastly two bars with one on each deck and a dumbwaiter system that moves the food and beverages between the decks for faster customer service.

Following the development of the new plans, Mr. Jackson was able to put together 400 investors to fund the construction of the first prototype “SEMISUB ONE.”

Construction began in Long Beach California in 2008 and continued in Hawaii over the next 10 years working closely with the U.S. Coast Guard Inspections division locally and the Marine Safety Center in Washington D.C. ensuring the vessel met all the strict safety requirements for certification in the United States. The vessel received its final construction certification in early 2019 and the permanent Certificate of Inspection (COI) for carrying commercial passengers in the fall of the same year.

Semisub One was relocated to the Kewalo Basin Marina. The company had an official Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony on November 11th, 2019, and has been running daily tours ever since.

Today Mr. Jackson is preparing changes for the next generation of vessels using what has been learned from the prototype to further improve the vessel’s capabilities, profitability, and sustainability for future buyers and partners.

The new vessel design is slated to be completed in early 2020 and sales and construction of the newer vessels in the summer and fall of 2020.

The story will continue, please check in often.

Our Vision

Semisub’s vision is to one day very soon operate our vessels around the world through both vessel sales and investment partnerships.

Our Values

Innovation, Partnerships, Sustainability, Teamwork, and Accountability.

Our core values guide our organization ensuring that we attract and retain the very finest professionals in our industry to be part of our vision. Innovation and implementation of new technology drive our future.

We are focused on developing valuable partnerships that are both profitable for our company allowing us to leverage the success of the companies involved to ensure perpetual sustainability of our mission to restore and protect our vital ocean resources.

Our staff of industry professionals shares a common goal of making Semisub Inc. a world leader in our industry. Our dedicated teamwork allows the company the ability to achieve goals that others before us may have thought were out of reach.

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