Safety Briefing


Safety Briefing

Always remember, to hold on when moving about the vessel—one hand for yourself and one hand for the ship. If you need assistance, please ask a crew member.

Should you have any Medical conditions (seizures, acute allergies, etc.) please inform senior crew members.

Should you experience Motion Sickness please inform the crew and they will provide motion sickness bags and assist you.

Please do not crowd to one side of the boat or the other.


The following areas are OFF LIMITS:

Behind the bars

Galley (kitchen)

The Pilot House

And The very forward part of the bow.



In the unlikely event of an emergency your life jacket is under your seat.

Additional life jackets and Child life jackets are located behind the bar and will be handed out by the crew if needed.

Once you have your life jacket, place it over you head and secure the waist strap and then assist your child if required. Follow the directions of the crew on how and where to exit the vessel.

Please take note of all the exits.

The exits on the main deck are located amidships on both the port and starboard sides as well as forward on the starboard side and forward to the bow if needed.

The EMERGENCY exits have 8 latches and the window can be pushed out in the event of an emergency.

The upper deck stairway exits are located aft on both the port and starboard sides, as well as forward on the starboard side.

In the event of a fire, we have fire extinguishers located throughout the vessel. Refrain from operating unless instructed by a member of the crew.

There is no smoking or vaping inside the vessel or the restrooms at anytime.

There are designated smoking areas on the main deck forward outside the pilothouse of the vessel.

Your crew will escort groups from your seats to the PODS where each group will have approximately 20 minutes of viewing time. Please be respectful of everyone’s time, and watch your step entering and exiting the PODS

Should you need anything please let the crew know and we will be happy to serve you. Sit back and relax and enjoy the IMAX movie and POD experience.


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